35 Interesting Facts about Human Brain

35 Interesting Facts about Human Brain

What's the brain?Sometimes in my heart, it comes that even the brains are amazing things, they are ready for our orders all the time. Many times we are tired and say that my Brain is not working today .. but the brain is never tired. Today, we will tell you such facts about Brain that you will be shocked by reading....

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35 Interesting Facts about Human Brain

1. If there is a lack of Oxygen in the brain for 5 to 10 minutes it can be damaged forever.

2. The brain is only 2% of the whole body, but 20% of the whole body uses blood and oxygen alone.

3. Our brain continues to grow until the age of 40.

4. 60% of our brain has fat, so it is the body's most faty organ.

5. Our half brain can be removed from surgery and this will not affect our memories.

6. The children who learn two languages ​​before being five years old, their brain structure changes slightly.

7. 10% of brain use is also not true, but all the parts of the brain have different functions.

8. The first mention about brain is found by Sumer 6000 years ago.

9. Staying in sweat for 90 minutes you can always become a psychiatrist.

10. A few years of childhood we do not remember because "HIPPOCAMPUS" is not developed until that time, it is necessary to remember something.

11. Small children sleep more because their brain uses 50% glucose made by their body.

12. At the age of 2, there are more Brain cells than any age.

13. If you had drank alcohol last night and now you do not remember anything then it does not mean that you have forgotten all this, but after drinking more alcohol, the man does not remember anything new.

14. One day we get 70,000 views in our brain, and 70% of these thoughts are negative (inverted).

Interesting Facts about Human Brain

15. Our half genes tell about the texture of the brain and the remaining half genes tell about the entire body.

16. If you work long hours on your smartphone then your risk of developing tumor increases.

17. If the size of the body is kept in mind then the mind of a human is bigger than all the praneya. The size of the elephant's brain is only 0.15% compared to its body, but 2% of human beings

18. A life mind is very soft and can be cut easily with a knife.

19. When we have an anger or a rejection, our brain feels exactly the same as if it hurt.

20. Right brain / Left brain are nothing but these are just a myth. The whole mind collects the work.

21. Chocolate carries the waves in the brain that make people feel relaxed.

22. The house in which there are more battles, the children of that house have the same effect on the minds of the war soldiers.

23. TV In the process of seeing, there is very little use of mind and hence it does not develop the brains of children early. Children's brains develop more than reading stories and listening, because reading books makes the children more imaginative.

24. Every time we learn something new, new wrinkles are developed in the brain and this wrinkle is the correct scale of IQ.

25. If you persuade yourself that we have taken good sleep, our brain also considers this thing.

26. Our blinking time is less than 16th part of 1 second but the brain keeps the image of any object up to the 16th part of the second.

27. Even after wearing a helmet, the chances of an injury to the brain are 80%.

28. There is no vein of pain in man's mind, so he does not feel any pain.

29. Thinking by taking a single tension for a long time, our brain loses its ability to think, understand and decide for some time.

30. The design of the mind of a drunk man becomes the same as having sex.

31. To make the brain sharpen, apply henna in the head and eat curd. As the curd contains amino acids, the tension is removed and the capacity of the brain increases.

32. If the part of the name "Amygdala" is removed from the mind, then fear of fear will end with anything of human being.

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33. Brain (mind) and Mind (mind) are two different things, scientists have not been able to find out in what part of the body the body is present.

34. There is a "Midbrain Dopamine System" (MDS) in our brain, which sends signals to the brain about incidence of events that we may call it intuition or future forecasts. The more the person develops the system, the more precise the prediction can be.

35.  For any person to fall in love, only 4 minutes are enough
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